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Howard Matthews

"I have lots of experience in production and maintenance and I can bring a practical pragmatic approach into dealing with the various requirements. I usually surprise people with how straight forward things can be!"

Howard Matthews I ENG MSOE MBES


  • Incorporated Engineer (I Eng)
  • Member of the Society of Operations Engineers (MSOE)
  • Member of the Bureau of Engineer Surveyors (MBES)


  • 35 years experience in engineering, construction, lifting and materials handling and mining engineering.
  • Statutory inspection work for MoD (UK & overseas), utilities and major process industries
  • Specialisms in mobile cranes, earthmoving equipment, LEV and pressure systems.

Why Me?

  • Personal service from a local engineer will allow greater flexibility in arranging convenient times for inspections.
  • The reports will be from an approved competent engineer without the overheads involved with the big groups.
  • Being truly independent, there is no need to push unnecessary repairs or any other services.
  • Complete records will be kept of every inspection report and these will be available for reference or issuing of duplicates if required.


Some items of plant have to be inspected at set intervals to comply with various legislations. These were commonly known as "Insurance Inspections". However these inspections are not for the insurance companies but Health and Safety laws. They acquired the name because these inspections were commonly carried out by insurance company inspectors.

Lifting equipment and lifts need inspecting under the LOLER lifting regulations, pressure vessels, like air receivers and boilers, need inspecting because of the Pressure Systems Regulations 2000. Local exhaust ventilation needs to be tested under COSHH rules and other similar regulations apply.

Factory Inspections

Factories, and other premises like warehouses, large or small, have a selection of items which are covered by the various regulations. Compressed air systems, forklifts, overhead cranes, boilers, lifting tackle etc.

If you are in any doubt let us come and check things out for you so that you know everything is done as required. Or indeed that the insurance company is not spinning you along doing things that are not needed like low temperature hot water boilers or pallet trucks which have exclusions from the regulations!

Plant Inspections

Mobile plant, diggers, loaders, fork lifts etc. have long had a requirement for inspection certificates and many sites will not let machines on without up to date certificates being available.

In addition should there be any kind of incident on site insurance companies will be the first to jump on to "no valid inspection certificate" to avoid paying out, as will clever lawyers. It is simple to keep one jump ahead and have the required certificates.

Pressure System Inspections

Pressure vessel explosions were the big accidents in the early years of industrialisation. So many were killed or injured that legislation had to be brought in. So this is nothing new. In fact it is basic safety and mostly common sense.

We can help you with all of these

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